Welcome. This portfolio represents a range of films from my first short Twenty To Life to the feature length investigative documentary Children Of The Vine. My attraction to filmmaking came from the imperfections of super-8 film capturing the experience of skateboarding empty pools. Since then, filmmaking has taken me from downtown Tokyo to climate change research on the Northern Patagonia Ice-cap to a best documentary nomination at the Tribeca Film Festival. Once a production is out the door, the challenge is to make the next film better. Directing and shooting Patagonia Rising on one of Earth’s most remote rivers made a huge impact on my understanding of water and the Chilean governments ultimate decision to not build 5 massive dams in the heart of Patagonia. The impact of stories is why I make movies. Variety Magazine has described my work as “Intelligent and awe inspiring”, while the New York Times wrote “Lilla’s documentary is beautifully filmed and patiently explained”.

In between movies I stay busy directing and shooting commercial projects. From my first short documentary, my approach to story telling remains the same: listen closely, be ambitious, make a positive impact. If you have a story to tell or are interested in what I’m currently working on, please drop me a line.

Cheers, Brian